104.7 The Fish Secret Sound Guesses

What is 104.7 The Fish?

104.7 The Fish is a Christian radio station that broadcasts in Atlanta, Georgia. It is part of the Salem Media Group and has been on the air since 2000. The station plays contemporary Christian music and provides programming that is focused on faith and family values.

The Secret Sound Contest

One of the most popular contests that 104.7 The Fish runs is the Secret Sound contest. Listeners tune in and listen for a specific sound that is played on the air. They then call in and try to guess what the sound is. If they guess correctly, they win a cash prize.

How to Participate in the Secret Sound Contest

To participate in the Secret Sound contest, listeners need to tune in to 104.7 The Fish at the designated times when the sound is played. They then call the station at the number provided and give their guess. If their guess is correct, they win the prize money.

Previous Secret Sound Guesses

Over the years, there have been many Secret Sound contests on 104.7 The Fish. Some of the previous guesses have included a stapler, a car door closing, a toaster popping, a bowling ball hitting pins, and a spray can being used.

Current Secret Sound Guesses

The current Secret Sound contest on 104.7 The Fish has been going on for several weeks. There have been many guesses, but so far, no one has correctly identified the sound. Some of the guesses have included a door closing, a stapler, a cabinet door shutting, and a car door closing.

Tips for Winning the Secret Sound Contest

If you want to increase your chances of winning the Secret Sound contest on 104.7 The Fish, here are some tips:

  • Listen carefully to the sound
  • Think about common sounds that you hear in everyday life
  • Consider the time of day and what kind of sounds might be associated with that time
  • Don’t be afraid to guess, even if you’re not sure
  • Keep trying, even if you don’t win right away


The Secret Sound contest on 104.7 The Fish is a fun way for listeners to participate in a radio contest and potentially win some money. By listening carefully and using some common sense, you can increase your chances of guessing the sound correctly and winning the prize money.

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