Do You Want A Watermelon To Sound Hollow

Watermelon Sound Hollow


Summer is the season of watermelons, and nothing beats the refreshing taste of a juicy slice on a hot day. But have you ever wondered why some watermelons sound hollow when tapped, while others don’t? In this article, we will explore the science behind the hollow sound and what it means for the quality of the fruit.

What Makes A Watermelon Sound Hollow?

When you tap on a watermelon, the sound you hear is the result of vibrations traveling through the fruit. A hollow sound occurs when the vibrations bounce back off the walls of an empty space inside the watermelon, creating a louder and more resonant sound. In other words, the hollower the fruit, the louder the sound it makes when tapped.

Watermelon Cross Section

Why Do Some Watermelons Sound Hollow?

Watermelons sound hollow when they have a high water content and a low sugar content. This creates a larger empty space inside the fruit, which allows for more vibration and a louder sound. In contrast, a watermelon with a low water content and high sugar content will have less space inside and will produce a duller sound when tapped.

Does A Hollow Sound Mean A Watermelon Is Ripe?

Contrary to popular belief, a hollow sound does not necessarily indicate that a watermelon is ripe. While a ripe watermelon may sound hollow, an unripe or overripe fruit can also produce a hollow sound. It is important to look for other signs of ripeness, such as a uniform shape, deep color, and a yellow or cream-colored spot where the fruit rested on the ground.

Ripe Watermelon

How To Choose A Good Watermelon?

Choosing a good watermelon can be a daunting task, but there are a few tips you can follow to ensure you get the best fruit:

  • Look for a uniform shape and size, without any bumps or bruises.
  • Check the color – a ripe watermelon should have a deep, uniform color without any white streaks.
  • Tap the watermelon and listen for a hollow sound, but also pay attention to the weight – a ripe watermelon should feel heavy for its size.
  • Check the spot where the fruit rested on the ground – it should be yellow or cream-colored, indicating that the fruit has had enough time to ripen.


So, do you want a watermelon to sound hollow? While a hollow sound may indicate a high water content and low sugar content, it does not necessarily mean a watermelon is ripe. When choosing a watermelon, it’s important to look for other signs of ripeness and quality, such as color, weight, and shape. Happy summer and happy watermelon hunting!

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