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GBWhatsApp v6.0 apk is the today’s addition to the respectable WhatsApp. we all are the use of the everyday WhatsApp for years, right? Who doesn’t need a alternate? GBWhatsApp 6.0 apk is the latest changed version of legit WhatsApp which has lots more capability and features that normal WhatsApp does now not provide. There are tons of new functions incorporated within the New GB WhatsApp v6.0 apk that makes it completely specific.

Below, we’re sharing all the facts you ought to know about GB WhatsApp v6.0 and the way to download it and installation it to your smartphone actually without spending a dime. if you men have used WhatsApp Plus or OG WhatsApp, then i’m certain that you guys are truely gonna revel in the brand new WhatsApp. however Wait! earlier than moving into, permit me inform you some thing about this App and approximately its developer. GB WhatsApp 6.0 apk is a clone model of WhatsApp as stated above. GBWhatsApp v6.0 apk is not all owned with the aid of WhatsApp. a few developers Downloaded and modified the prevailing app via including more new cool capabilities that everybody expects to be in WhatsApp. So, to procure a brief I idea approximately GBWhatsAapp, Now permit’s pass similarly.

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Latest GBWhatsapp 6.0 apk: NO ADS download 2017 with Dual Whatsapp No-Root for ANDROID developed by GB Group – GBWhatsApp 6.0 Latest most up to date video calling with gif support is a modified variant of WhatsApp with style changes with added some additional features like complete invisibility on gb whatsapp plus the ability to create a dual WhatsApp system moreover installing the official WhatsApp also with this App results in three accounts on one single device for free, Yet it nevertheless utilizes process and the relates permit like WhatsApp.

What features + GBWhatsApp 6.0 & whatsApp?

* Ability to hide appearances
* Privacy options
* You can send group messages to groups
* Hide any conversation
* You can change the program line by approximately 30 lines
* Ability to send scheduled messages
* You can retrieve any message after sending and will be deleted from all the devices sent to it
* Automatically download media for each conversation
* You can send a message or call a number that is not stored in your device such as the Viper application
* Ability to distinguish between group and regular messages
* Ability to know who visited your profile or become connected
* Ability to lock a password with a password
* Send video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
* e Transmit a clip of up to 100 megabytes instead of 16 megabytes
* Ability to send 90 photos with one batch of 10
* Ability to put the case of the number of characters 250 instead of 139 characters
* Ability to click on links without storing the number of the sender of the message or the owner of the group
* Counter statistics for groups
* Preview media without downloading
* Ability to hide the name and date when copying two or more messages
* Ability to copy the status
* the program format, and change the icon of the program and notices
* the ability to send images at high resolution
* possibility to stop receiving calls from anyone you want or for everyone
* the ability to display messages of any person group separately from the rest of the members messages
* the program sends you an alert if your friend changed his image
* Personal and many features.

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What’s New in GBWhatsApp v6.0 & WhatsApp?

* Update version Almarki 2.17.351
* (exclusive) You can now send a collective message groups
* (exclusively) Now when you scan messages , you can scan only messages or only messages groups or everyone
* Imkk now prevent the deletion of messages from your device if one tries to retrieve the message from your device (Options-Privacy-preventing delete messages)
* activate the filters feature to edit images before sending them
* activate the sharing feature direct site with friends
* you can now select multiple messages and restore one time
* add option 1/2/63 to view long messages without appearance (read More …)
* You can now create a scheduled message for several people at once (through your sister Multiple namespace)
* Add option 1.1.15 to show the name of the contact in the middle of the screen
* You can now copy the scriptures
You can now specify up to 100 documents instead of 30 documents
* You can now determine the storage size used for each conversation (settings – data size and user storage – the size of storage used)
* Fix the map not showing when you send your site
* Fix the shutter drawer when you pull up
* Other fixes

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