How Many Episodes Of Sound Of Magic

Sound of Magic


Sound of Magic is an anime series that has gained popularity among anime lovers. It is a story about a boy named Mashiro who has a special power to hear sounds that no one else can hear. He meets a girl named Sorano who also has a unique ability. Together, they go on a journey to discover the mysteries of the sound magic. If you are a fan of this series, you might be wondering how many episodes it has. In this article, we will answer that question and provide other information about the series.

The Plot of the Series

The story of Sound of Magic revolves around Mashiro and Sorano as they travel to different parts of the world to uncover the secrets of the sound magic. They meet various people along the way and face challenges that test their abilities. The series is full of adventure, mystery, and magic that will keep you engaged.

How Many Episodes of Sound of Magic?

Sound of Magic has a total of 12 episodes. It was first released in 2020 and has since gained a following among anime enthusiasts. Each episode is approximately 24 minutes long and is packed with action and suspense.

Sound of Magic Episodes

Where to Watch Sound of Magic

If you are interested in watching Sound of Magic, you can stream it on various online platforms. It is available on Netflix, Hulu, and Funimation. You can also watch it on Crunchyroll, which is a popular anime streaming site. Some of these platforms require a subscription, while others offer a free trial period.

Sound of Magic Streaming

Characters in the Series

Apart from Mashiro and Sorano, there are other characters in the series that add depth to the story. Some of these characters include:

  • Shan: A girl who has the power to control the wind.
  • Yuina: A girl who can manipulate water.
  • Yuito: A boy who is skilled in martial arts.
  • Ena: A girl who is a skilled archer.

Each character has their own unique abilities that contribute to the plot of the series.

Sound of Magic Characters

Sound of Magic Manga

In addition to the anime series, Sound of Magic also has a manga version. It was first published in 2020 and is ongoing. The manga is written and illustrated by Midori Yuma. If you are a fan of the series, you might want to check out the manga.

Sound of Magic Manga

The Soundtrack of the Series

Sound of Magic has a beautiful soundtrack that complements the story. The music is composed by Yoshiaki Dewa, who is known for his work on other anime series such as Sword Art Online and Flying Witch. The opening theme song is “Magic-kyun No.1!” by the main cast, while the ending theme song is “Andante” by Aimi.

Sound of Magic Soundtrack


Sound of Magic is a captivating anime series that has gained a following among anime fans. It has a total of 12 episodes and is available to stream on various online platforms. The series has a unique plot, interesting characters, and a beautiful soundtrack. If you are looking for an anime series to watch, Sound of Magic is definitely worth checking out.

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