How To Change Google Chrome Sound Output

Google Chrome sound output

Google Chrome browser is used by millions of people worldwide. It is a popular browser because of its user-friendly interface and fast browsing speed. One of the features of Google Chrome is the ability to play audio from the browser. However, sometimes the sound output might not be what you want. In this article, we will show you how to change the Google Chrome sound output.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome

The first step is to open Google Chrome on your computer. You can do this by clicking on the Chrome icon on your desktop or by searching for it in the Start menu.

Step 2: Click on the three dots

Click on the three dots

Once you have opened Google Chrome, click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the browser. This will open a drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click on Settings

Click on Settings

From the drop-down menu, click on Settings. This will open the Settings page in a new tab.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page until you see the Advanced section. Click on the arrow next to it to expand the section.

Step 5: Click on Site Settings

Click on Site Settings

Under the Advanced section, click on Site Settings. This will open a list of options for site settings.

Step 6: Click on Sound

Click on Sound

Scroll down the list of options until you see Sound. Click on it to open the Sound settings.

Step 7: Change the sound output

Change the sound output

Under Sound settings, you will see a drop-down menu for Output. Click on it and select the audio output you want. You can choose from the speakers or headphones connected to your computer.

Step 8: Save the changes

Save the changes

After you have selected the audio output, click on the Save button to save the changes.

Step 9: Close the Settings tab

Close the Settings tab

Once you have saved the changes, close the Settings tab by clicking on the X icon located at the top right corner of the tab.

Step 10: Test the sound output

Test the sound output

Now that you have changed the sound output, test it by playing an audio file on Google Chrome. If the sound is coming from the output you selected, then you have successfully changed the sound output.


Changing the Google Chrome sound output is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can change the sound output to the desired device and enjoy your browsing experience with better sound quality.

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