How To Get Rid Of Camera Sound

Camera Sound

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to be quiet and take a picture or record a video, but the camera sound ruins everything? Whether it’s in a library or a quiet museum, the sound of the camera can be disturbing to others. In this article, we’ll show you how to get rid of camera sound on your smartphone or digital camera.

Turn off the Sound in Camera Settings

Camera Settings

The first and easiest way to get rid of camera sound is to turn it off in the camera settings. On most smartphones, you can find the camera settings by opening the camera app and tapping on the gear icon. Look for an option that says “shutter sound”, “camera sound” or “sound settings”. Turn off the sound and you’re done!

Use Silent Mode

Silent Mode

If turning off the sound in the camera settings doesn’t work, try using silent mode. Most smartphones have a silent mode that mutes all sounds, including the camera sound. Simply turn on silent mode before taking a picture or recording a video and you won’t hear any camera sound.

Use Third-Party Camera Apps

Third Party Camera Apps

If the above methods don’t work, you can try using third-party camera apps. These apps usually have an option to turn off the camera sound. Some popular third-party camera apps include Camera+, ProCamera, and Camera Zoom FX. Download one of these apps and see if it works for you.

Put Your Phone on Vibrate Mode

Vibrate Mode

If you don’t want to use silent mode, you can put your phone on vibrate mode. This will mute all sounds and vibrations except for incoming calls and messages. You can then take a picture or record a video without any camera sound.

Use External Microphones

External Microphone

If you’re using a digital camera and can’t turn off the camera sound, you can try using an external microphone. External microphones can pick up sound from a distance and reduce the sound of the camera shutter. Simply plug in the external microphone and start recording.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Getting rid of camera sound can be a simple task if you know what to do. Try turning off the sound in camera settings or using silent mode. If that doesn’t work, try using third-party camera apps or external microphones. Remember to be aware of your surroundings and respect others when taking pictures or recording videos.

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