How To Mute Zoom Sound On Mac

mute zoom sound on mac

Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform that has gained immense popularity in recent times. It is widely used by businesses, educational institutions, and individuals for conducting virtual meetings and webinars. However, sometimes you may face some issues with Zoom, such as poor audio quality or unwanted background noise. In such cases, muting the Zoom sound on your Mac can be a quick fix. In this article, we will guide you on how to mute Zoom sound on your Mac.

Step 1: Launch Zoom and Join A Meeting

The first step is to launch the Zoom application on your Mac and join a meeting. Once you have joined the meeting, you will see the video feed and hear the audio. If you are facing any issues with the sound quality, you can mute it using the following steps.

launch zoom and join a meeting

Step 2: Click On The Audio Button

Next, you need to click on the Audio button located on the bottom left corner of the meeting window. This will open up the audio options for the meeting.

click on the audio button

Step 3: Mute Your Audio

Once you have opened up the audio options, you will see a Mute button located next to your name. Click on the Mute button to mute your audio. This will prevent any unwanted background noise from interrupting the meeting.

mute your audio

Step 4: Unmute Your Audio

If you want to unmute your audio, simply click on the same Mute button again. This will unmute your audio and you will be able to speak in the meeting.

unmute your audio

Step 5: Use Shortcut Keys

Alternatively, you can also use the shortcut keys to mute and unmute your audio during a Zoom meeting. To mute your audio, press the Command+Shift+A keys simultaneously. To unmute your audio, press the same keys again.

use shortcut keys


Muting Zoom sound on your Mac is a simple process that can help you avoid any unwanted background noise during a meeting. You can use the above steps to easily mute and unmute your audio during a Zoom meeting. Additionally, you can also use the shortcut keys to quickly mute and unmute your audio.

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