If A Man Does These 20 Things – Marry Him Immediately Notice #9 and #19


When I was younger, and we’re talking pre-puberty here, I didn’t really have a solid grasp of what a good boyfriend should be. Of course, that makes sense, given that most of my ideas about what makes for a healthy relationship came from the fictional books I read, along with the fictional movies and television shows I watched. If you asked little Becca what it means for a guy to be a good boyfriend, she would’ve said something along the lines of “moody and dramatic” or “funny and maybe homeless.)

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You see, I was into the male version of the manic pixie dream girl before the manic pixie dream girl was even a thing, yo.

Nowadays, my idea of what makes someone a good boyfriend has changed, and thank God for that. Sure, I’ll jokingly say stuff like, “He can’t be an actor. Or a stand-up comedian. Or in finance.”

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But the truth of the matter is that as long as my boyfriend is a guy who has a funny, kind mind, who is slow to anger and prone to introspection, and who loves sex, we’ll probably be just fine.

I am, however, fully aware of the fact that what sounds like a good boyfriend to me might sound like an absolute nightmare to someone else. To that end, I asked several women I know to fill in the blank in the following statement: “A good boyfriend is _________________________.” Here’s what 27 ladies each had to say about what women want in a man!

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