Macbook Hdmi To Tv Sound Not Working

Macbook HDMI to TV Sound Not Working


If you’re trying to connect your Macbook to your TV through an HDMI cable, but the sound is not working, it can be frustrating. You may be able to see the video on your TV, but without sound, watching movies or listening to music can be a less than ideal experience. In this article, we’ll explore some possible solutions to fix the Macbook HDMI to TV sound not working issue.

Check the Sound Settings

The first thing you should do when the sound is not working on your Macbook connected to your TV through HDMI is to check your sound settings. Go to System Preferences, then Sound, and select the Output tab. Make sure that HDMI is selected as the output device.

Macbook Sound Settings

Check the TV Speakers

If the sound settings are correct and the sound is still not working, check the speakers on your TV. Make sure that the volume is turned up and that the speakers are not muted. You can also try connecting your Macbook to another TV to see if the problem is with your TV or your Macbook.

TV Speakers

Update Your Macbook

If the sound is still not working, make sure that your Macbook is up to date. Go to the Apple menu, then select Software Update. Install any available updates, and restart your Macbook. This may fix any bugs or issues that are causing the sound not to work.

Macbook Software Update

Reset Your Macbook’s PRAM and SMC

If updating your Macbook didn’t work, try resetting your Macbook’s PRAM and SMC. PRAM stands for Parameter Random Access Memory, and SMC stands for System Management Controller. Both of these control various settings on your Macbook, including sound. To reset them, follow these steps:1. Shut down your Macbook.
2. Hold down the Command, Option, P, and R keys.
3. Turn on your Macbook.
4. Keep holding down the keys until you hear the startup sound twice.

Macbook PRAM SMC

Try a Different HDMI Cable

If none of the above solutions worked, try using a different HDMI cable. Sometimes cables can go bad or become damaged, causing issues with the sound. Make sure that the new cable is compatible with both your Macbook and your TV.

HDMI Cable


If you’re experiencing issues with the sound on your Macbook connected to your TV through HDMI, try the solutions above. Remember to check your sound settings, TV speakers, update your Macbook, reset your PRAM and SMC, and try a different HDMI cable. With a little troubleshooting, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movies and music with sound on your TV.

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