One Of My Galaxy Buds Sound Low

Galaxy Buds

If you are an owner of Samsung Galaxy Buds and you notice that one of your Galaxy Buds sounds low or even no sound at all, you are not alone. Many users have reported this issue and it can be frustrating. In this article, we will discuss the possible causes of this problem and the solutions to fix it.

Dirty Earbuds

Dirty earbuds

The first thing you need to check is the cleanliness of your earbuds. If you have been using them for a while, there might be dirt or earwax buildup that is blocking the sound. You can gently clean the earbuds with a soft-bristled brush or a toothbrush. Be careful not to damage the mesh covering the speaker. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to disinfect and clean the earbuds.

Loose Earbud Tips

Loose earbud tips

Another reason why one of your Galaxy Buds sounds low is because the earbud tip might be loose or not properly fitted. Make sure that the earbud tip is securely attached to the earbud. You can try to remove the earbud tip and reattach it to see if it makes a difference. You can also try different sizes of earbud tips to find the one that fits your ear canal perfectly.

Software Update

Software update

Sometimes, the problem with your Galaxy Buds is caused by a software issue. Samsung releases software updates to fix bugs and improve the performance of their devices. Make sure that your Galaxy Buds are updated to the latest software version. You can do this by opening the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone, go to About earbuds and check for updates.

Bluetooth Interference

Bluetooth interference

Another possible cause of one of your Galaxy Buds sounding low is Bluetooth interference. Bluetooth signals can be disrupted by other wireless devices such as Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, and other Bluetooth devices. Try moving away from these devices or turning them off to see if it makes a difference. You can also try resetting the Bluetooth connection between your Galaxy Buds and your smartphone.

Defective Earbud

Defective earbud

If none of the above solutions work, it is possible that one of your Galaxy Buds is defective. You can contact Samsung customer support to report the issue and ask for a replacement. Make sure you have your proof of purchase and the serial number of your Galaxy Buds.


Having one of your Galaxy Buds sound low can be annoying, but it is not a serious problem. You can try the solutions we discussed above to fix it. Remember to keep your earbuds clean, check the earbud tips, update the software, avoid Bluetooth interference, and contact customer support if necessary. With these tips, you can enjoy your Galaxy Buds with clear and balanced sound.

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