Sound Of Music Lyrics Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi Lyrics


The Sound of Music is a beloved musical that has captured the hearts of audiences for generations. One of its most iconic songs is “Do Re Mi”, which teaches the basics of music theory in a fun and catchy way. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the lyrics of “Do Re Mi” and what makes them so memorable.

The Lyrics

The first verse of “Do Re Mi” goes like this:

Do Re Mi Lyrics Verse 1

As you can see, the lyrics are a simple and straightforward way to teach the notes of the major scale. “Do” is the first note, “re” is the second note, and so on. The melody of the song follows this pattern as well, with each note getting a different pitch.

The Second Verse

The second verse of “Do Re Mi” introduces some new concepts:

Do Re Mi Lyrics Verse 2

Here, we see the concept of intervals, which are the distances between notes. “Mi” and “fa” are only a half step apart, while “so” and “la” are a whole step apart. This is an important concept in music theory, and “Do Re Mi” makes it easy to understand.

The Bridge

The bridge of “Do Re Mi” is a fun and playful interlude:

Do Re Mi Lyrics Bridge

Here, we see some of the other uses for the notes of the major scale. “Tea” is used as a substitute for “ti” in some countries, while “that will bring us back to do” shows how the major scale can be used to create a sense of resolution.

The Final Verse

The final verse of “Do Re Mi” brings everything together:

Do Re Mi Lyrics Verse 3

Here, we see how the major scale can be used to create a melody. The notes “do” through “so” create a simple and memorable tune that anyone can sing along to.

The Legacy of “Do Re Mi”

Even after all these years, “Do Re Mi” remains one of the most beloved songs from The Sound of Music. Its catchy melody and simple lyrics have made it a favorite of children and adults alike. And best of all, it teaches the basics of music theory in a way that’s fun and easy to understand.


So if you’re looking to learn the notes of the major scale, or just want to sing a fun and catchy tune, “Do Re Mi” is the perfect song for you. With its simple lyrics and memorable melody, it’s no wonder that it’s become a classic of musical theater.

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