Whatsapp Banned In China Again


News emerges that the WhatsApp messaging app has once again found itself widely blocked across most of mainland China.

Sounds familiar? Well, yes, Chinese officials did the same thing in July, but unblocked the service after a few weeks. Back then, ordinary text messages sent via WhatsApp seemed to be mostly unaffected, but according to the Guardian newspaper “dozens of users in China complained of a total ban on sending any type of messages on WhatsApp“.

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WhatsApp banned in China after it becomes has become the go to app for Chinese activists and citizens concerned about privacy, or simply communicating with business colleagues abroad.

The Great Wall of China. Not to be confused with The Great Firewall of China which is something entirely different.

Banned in July, banned now. Why?

Who knows? That’s the real answer. China itself hasn’t officially said anything. But it’s a great question. Go you for having a razor sharp intellect and asking the questions that others dare not.

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