Why Do Squirrels Make A Crying Sound

Squirrel crying

Have you ever heard a squirrel crying? It can be quite alarming to hear such a sound coming from a small animal, but it’s not uncommon. Squirrels are known for making a variety of noises, from chattering and squeaking to barking and even screaming. But why do squirrels make a crying sound? Let’s explore some possible reasons.

Territorial Disputes

Squirrel territorial

Squirrels are territorial animals, and they can become quite aggressive when defending their territory. When two squirrels meet and one feels threatened by the other, they may start to cry as a way to communicate their distress and warn the other squirrel to back off. This crying sound is often accompanied by other warning signs, such as tail flicking and teeth chattering.

Pain or Injury

Squirrel pain

Another possible reason why a squirrel may cry is if it’s in pain or has been injured. Squirrels are vulnerable to a variety of injuries, from broken bones to cuts and bruises. If a squirrel is hurt, it may cry as a way to attract the attention of other squirrels or to signal that it needs help.

Mating Calls

Squirrel mating

During mating season, male squirrels will often emit a series of cries and chatters to attract females. These mating calls can sound like crying or whimpering, and they may be mistaken for distress signals by humans.

Alarm Calls

Squirrel alarm

Squirrels are highly alert animals, and they have a keen sense of danger. When a squirrel senses a potential threat, such as a predator in the area, it may emit a series of alarm calls to warn other squirrels in the vicinity. These calls can sound like crying or screaming, and they may be accompanied by other warning signs, such as tail flicking and teeth chattering.


In conclusion, squirrels make a crying sound for a variety of reasons, including territorial disputes, pain or injury, mating calls, and alarm calls. If you hear a squirrel crying, it’s important to approach the animal with caution and to avoid getting too close. Squirrels are wild animals and should be treated with respect and care.

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